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Medicare plays a crucial role in financial planning but often it’s the one part of the financial planning process your clients are looking away from you for advice. How nice might it be to get looking back towards you?

The good news is with the support of a Medicare expert, you can offer complete and accurate guidance, enhancing your value and trust with your clients. Integrating Medicare advice redirects clients to look to you for comprehensive support, reinforcing your role as their trusted advisor. Addressing Medicare needs showcases leadership and strengthens client relationships, demonstrating your commitment to their overall financial well-being.

An Opportunity to Demonstrate Leadership

Starting at age 64, clients begin receiving an influx of Medicare-related mail. This is a prime opportunity for you to demonstrate leadership and provide valuable guidance. We recommend reaching out to your clients who are 64 years old with a simple phone call and then sending an introductory 3-way email, which we will promptly respond to. With an average of 3-6 clients in this age group at any given time, this approach allows you to show leadership in a manageable and impactful way.

An Extension of Your Financial Planning Practice

I strive to create a process that mirrors fiduciary principles, aligning with the way you run your practice. My approach is designed to feel like an extension of your financial planning practice, ensuring that all interactions reflect positively on you and maintain the highest ethical standards. I aim to make the process as seamless and non-salesy as possible. Initial interactions are positive and informative, with minimal follow-up pressure. Most clients appreciate this approach and reach out when they are ready. Regular newsletters and positive initial interactions help keep clients engaged without aggressive follow-ups, fostering a sense of trust and respect.

Think of me as an additional resource in your advisory toolkit. My role is to provide specialized Medicare advice, seamlessly integrating with the comprehensive financial planning you already offer. Everything I do with your clients is designed to enhance your relationship with them. My goal is to ensure that my involvement not only provides value but also reflects well on you as their advisor.

Other’s Experience

We depend on Jason to train our financial advisors to manage Medicare planning for our clients. He explains Medicare to clients both individually and in groups, bridging the gap between their Medicare needs and the role of our advisors. This results in clients feeling relieved and well-served, while our advisors gain the confidence to guide clients through Medicare and address long-term care, lifetime income, and other financial planning needs.
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Start enhancing your practice today. Schedule a consultation to learn how partnering with a Medicare expert can elevate your client service.

By addressing Medicare comprehensively, you can enhance your practice, build stronger client relationships, and position yourself as a holistic financial resource.


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